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Work Calendar

Regular TasksProcessing Period (marked in yellow)
Government Employees and School Staff Insurance, National Health Insurance, Group Insurance, Private Institution Faculty and Staff Pension and Consolation Fund            
Management of Staff Attendance System, Affairs of Staff Leave Requests            
Convening of Faculty Hiring and Promotion Committee            
Production of the offer of employment renewal letter for faculty members            
Faculty and Staff Thematic Seminars, Sharing Seminars of Faculty and Staff Reading Groups            
Analysis of all Personnel-related Surveys            
Labor Insurance for Part-time Faculty Members            
Affairs of Rewards to Senior Faculty and Staff Members, Rewards for Faculty Members with Many Years of Service, and Financial Support for Academic Research (during MCU Anniversary Celebration)            
Establishment of Personnel Information System and Bilingual Faculty Database            
Applications for Faculty and Staff Reading Groups            
Document Examination for Faculty Promotion University-Level Review Procedure            
Investigation of Faculty Members’ Part-time Teaching Situation in Other Institutions            
Roster of MCU Employees Report to Private Institution Faculty and Staff Pension Fund Association            
Roster of Reappointment Salary Scales Examination            
Maintenance of MOE’s Private University Affairs Development Online System            
Affairs of Government Employees and School Staff Insurance and Family Members' Group Insurance            
Affairs of Faculty and Staff Retirement (effective on 8/1 and 2/1)            
Annual Faculty and Staff Performance Evaluation            
Application for Extending Foreign Faculty's Work Permits            
Affairs of University Program Accreditation and Institutional Accreditation, and Affairs of Assessment and Evaluation Workshops            
Affairs of Faculty Members’ Flexible Salary            
Affairs of Staff Members’ Promotion and Rotation            
Affairs of Extending Professors' Service Years            
Affairs of MCU Faculty & Staff Job Satisfaction Survey            
Affairs of Salary Assessment and Reappointment of Salary Scales            
Campus Educational Training for Administrative Staff            
Applications for Faculty and Staff Members Pursuing Further Study            
Management of the roster of directors’ deputies, and management of the roster of faculty and staff representatives for University Affairs Committee Meeting            
Affairs of Faculty Sabbatical Leave            
Applications for MOE Academic Awards, Country Awards, Academic Research Awards for Full-time Faculty Members, and Outstanding Staff Member Awards            



by Dr. Radut.