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2016.10.26 Faculty Promotion Notice

The faculty members who passed the University  faculty qulification screeing for Acdemic Year 2016-2017 are listed in "Personnel News"→"Faculty Promotion".

 Following is the recent faculty promotion list; all of these faculty promotions passed the faculty credential review at Ming Chuan University and received certification from the Ministry of Education, which keeps the files for reference.

NameDepartmentPromoted RankTitle of Representative Publications and Reference PublicationsPromotion Time
Cheng, San-ChuanPhysical Education OfficeProfessorQualified with 19 papers, including “A Study on the Participating Motivation, Leisure Experience and Degree of Commitment of Mountain Climbers Participating in Hiking Activities”.August 2016
Chen, Wei-HwaInternational Affairs and Diplomacy Program ProfessorQualified with 9 papers, including “Formation of Anti-Military Trend and Its Impact on Taiwan's Security”.August 2016
Zhang, Tai-WeiFinance DepartmentAssociate ProfessorQualified with 3 papers, including “Decoupling by clienteles and by time in the financial markets: The case of two-stage stock-financed mergers”. August 2016
Chen, Fu-JungApplied Japanese DepartmentAssociate ProfessorQualified with 11 papers, including “The study about the variations of three versions on stages of Yuan Northern Drama”.August 2016
Hu, Jui-HsueTeaching Chinese as a Second Language DepartmentAssociate ProfessorQualified with 4 papers, including “Refusal Speech Acts in French Learners of Mandarin Chinese and Pedagogical Applications”.August 2016
Liao, Ching-ChihCommercial Design DepartmentAssociate ProfessorQualified with 9 papers, including “Recognizing Chinese Characters with Different Occlusion Patterns”.August 2016

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