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2013.11.22 Government Employee and School Staff Insurance (GESSI) Payment Limitations

Dear Colleagues,

I. GESSI payment requests have a time limitation!
In accordance with the first section of Article 19 of the GESSI Law, a cause of action for insurance payment starts from the date of being eligible for receiving payment and is void after five years if not exercised. Those exceeding the cause of action time limit will not be eligible for insurance payment.
In order to safeguard the rights and interests of the insured and beneficiaries, relevant regulations regarding GESSI payment cause of action and limitations are as follows:,

※GESSI covered payments can be received from the date as stated in the following:
 1. Disability Benefit: the date of the insured being ascertained as disabled.
 2. Old Age Benefit: the effective GESSI withdrawal date of the insured due to retirement, severance, or following 15 years of insurance payment and retiring at the age of 55.
 3. Death Benefit: the death date of the insured.
 4. Dependents' Funeral Allowance Benefit: the death date of the insured's dependent(s).
 5. Parental Leave Allowance Benefit: initial date of parental leave for those who have been covered under the insurance plan for more than one year (Effective from 8.1, 2009).

II. Please refer to the criteria of disability benefit date confirmation and examples.

Best regards,
Human Resources Division
Chen, Hsiu-Chuan (Ext. 2256)


by Dr. Radut.