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Brief History

Brief History

As personnel are considered as the most important asset for a university and the crucial element that determines the achievement of institutional objectives, effective manpower management becomes the essential prerequisite for institutional development. Based on above concepts, the well personnel management is extremely significant. Therefore, Human Resource Division was established as Ming Chuan University launched its educational services in 1957. The current unit director is Jen-Nan Chen.

Mission, goals, objectives

Human Resources (HR) at the University is based on its educational philosophy of attending to all students - along with faculty and staff - with parental care, support, and guidance according to the University’s motto of honesty, sincerity, respect and determination. This assists in the achievement of its educational goals: profession, excellence and internationalization.
As the cradle for school human resource development, our task is to improve production and service efficiency by selecting proper staffs and positioning the talents for the appropriate tasks. Moreover, a sound personnel system is eventually expected to be built through more job achievements, including proper personnel regulations, just examination of faculty qualifications, staff training, rewards for senior faculty and academic research, and computerization of personnel-related data.


HR division follows three principles in screening candidates and evaluating employees: 1) All candidates must agree with MCU educational philosophy and goals; 2) All staff and leaders should develop themselves through life-long learning and devote themselves to campus and community service; 3) All employees are evaluated on efficiency, professionalism, team spirit, responsibility and ethics. More information is stated as follows.

1. Personnel rules and regulations
We provides a wide range of personnel rules and regulations that cover the school faculty’s appointment and dismissal, promotion, training, further study, assessment, reward and punishment, insurance, welfare, retirement, relief, severance, etc. These are also set as the basis for the implementation of human resource policies.

2. Examination of faculty qualifications
The university has established individual departments (including Master’s programs, centers, and offices), schools and Faculty Hiring and Promotion Committee on the department (program), school, and university levels with three reviewing processes. Issues concerning school faculty’s appointment, further study, promotion, research, extension of service, etc. are reviewed and discussed by individual departments (including Master’s programs, centers, and offices), schools and Faculty Hiring and Promotion Committee. Matters mentioned above will be dealt with in accordance with “Ming Chuan University Faculty Employment and Service Regulations”, “Ming Chuan University Procedures for Faculty Promotion”, and the relevant university procedures.

3. On-the-job education and training
To improve teaching and service quality, the university has established “Ming Chuan University Guidelines Regarding Funding Support for Full-time Faculty Members Presenting Papers at International Academic Conferences” and “Ming Chuan University Procedures for Administrative Staff Members Pursuing Further Study” to encourage faculty and staff for further studies. Our faculty and staff are also encouraged to apply for study programs held by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, and other institutes. Moreover, university extension division and information and network division together provides computer-related training courses in accordance with the school requirement of computerization in administration.

4. Rewards for senior members
The university has established “Ming Chuan University Procedures for the Reward of Faculty and Staff Members with Many Years of Service”. At MCU anniversary, special awards will provide to all personnel on each 10-year anniversary of their service at the University to express appreciation for their loyalty and contributions.

5. Rewards for academic research
The university has established “Ming Chuan University Research/Study Reward Application Procedures for Full-time Faculty Members” that encourages teachers’ academic research by reducing teaching hours and giving financial supports.

6. Computerization of personnel-related data
Personnel Affairs and Employment System is designed for human resource management and data maintenance. The information, including offer of employment, various personnel-related certificates, performance evaluation, faculty attendance, academic research, insurance, individual data to Ministry of Education, message delivery, meeting notice, etc. are conducted by computers. Moreover, Personal-related laws and regulations are available on MCU web site for free charge.
To be time-effective, accurate and fair, MCU Staff/Faculty IC card is used to facilitate the campus security and management of employees’ attendance.


by Dr. Radut.