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Organization and Responsibilities


 PhotoName & TitleDuties

Chen, Jen-Nan
Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Executive Director of Human Resources Division

Extension No.2732


Wu, Chia-Fen


 Management of personnel affairs.
 Development and research of personnel affairs.
 Planning and improvement of personnel affairs.
 Planning of personnel regulations.
 Studies of personnel support, manpower distribution and personnel rotation.

Wu, Chia-Fen

Extension No.2227

Hsiu-Chuan Chen


 Registration and distribution of job candidates’ application documents to units.
 Management of staff employment, report-in, job resumption, resignation (includes short-term contract and special program staff members).
 Annual faculty performance evaluation affairs.
 Issuance of letter informing faculty of seniority-based salary adjustment.
 Management of faculty and staff members’ affairs regarding commendation for remarkable achievements and discipline for violation of university regulations.
 Awards affairs for senior faculty and staff members.
 Application for MOE service rewards and awards to outstanding and senior faculty members.
 Providing of HR-related data to MOE (including overall roster, and for university accreditation visits)
 Maintenance of MOE's private university affairs development online system.
 Management of MCU online personnel information system.
 Maintenance of MCU online staff allocation system.
 Personnel information enquiries for recruiting employees.
 Providing personnel data to units recruiting new employees.
 Affairs of Employee Review Committee.

Chen, Hsiu-Chuan
Senior Clerk

Extension No.2256


Huang, Yi-Chen


 Affairs of Government Employee and School Staff Insurance.
 Affairs of National Health Insurance.
 Labor insurance for part-time faculty members.
Calculate and declare the supplementary premiums of 2nd generation health insurance.
Affairs of external assessment for faculty promotion.
Collection and reversion of MCU personnel laws and regulations; editing of MCU personnel regulations and Personnel Handbook.
 Maintenance of MCU Human Resource Division website.
 Establishment of MCU online personnel information subordinate system.
 Establishment and maintenance of online information system from private institution faculty and staff pension fund association.
 General management and resignation affairs of special programs full-time assistants.
 Management of handicapped and indigenous employees' employment data.
 Selection of Outstanding Staff Members. 
 Application for MOE Academic Awards and National Chair Professorship.
 Affairs of Sexual Harassment Complaints.

Sun, Chien-Hui
Senior Clerk

Extension No.2257

Chen, Ming-Kai


 Teachers' employment, report-in, job resumption, resignation.
 Affairs of Faculty Hiring and Promotion Committee.
Teachers' transfer and contract renewal, and production of offer of employment letters.
 Review of teachers’ qualification and academic credential verifications.
 Affairs of faculty promotion.
Application for issuance of Teaching Certificates from MOE.
 Investigation of faculty off-campus part-time teaching situations.
 Affairs of faculty plagiarism.
 Affairs of faculty sabbatical leave.
Annual budget planning and verification.
 Management of office facilities.
 Delivery of faculty dissertation and research works to National Taiwan Library and MCU Library for preservation.


Wang, Wen-Hui
Senior Clerk

Extension No.2258


Sun, Chien-Hui


 Collecting, delivering, assorting, advising and recording official documents.
 Registration and distribution of faculty candidates’ application documents for required units.
 Publishing job openings for recruiting new faculty and staff members.
 Processing applications for faculty and staff members pursuing research and further study, and for job resumption.
 Managing and planning of staff members' educational training (includes thematic seminars).
 Affairs of faculty secondment.
 Affairs of funding support for full-time faculty members presenting papers at international academic conferences, and research/study reward application for full-time faculty members.
 Affairs of faculty and staff reading groups.
Affairs of three Chinese festival bonuses rewarded by president of the Republic of China.
Affairs of recommending experts from Public Construction and. central governing authorities.
 Assistance with court-related affairs.
Huang, Yi-Chen
Senior Clerk

Extension No.2255

Wu, Chia-Fen

 Faculty and staff manpower allocation.
 Management of salary assessment and reappointment of salary scales.
 Application and document examination for the extension of faculty service years.
 Roster for authorizing higher salary rank.
 Management of faculty and staff members' promotion and assignment.
 Management of faculty and staff members' retirement, relief and severance.
 Application for faculty and staff members' pension, relief and leave fund.
 Establishment of faculty and staff member's name and registry form.
 Establishment and maintenance of employees' personal data package.
 Issuing of faculty and staff member service certificate.
 Processing overall manpower check for each unit.
 Management of the handover process for administrative directors and staff.
 Group insurance affairs.
 Welfare and self-improvement activities for faculty and staff members.

Chen, Ming-Kai
Senior Clerk

Extension No.2538


Wang, Wen-Hui


 Management of faculty and staff member attendance.
 Management of staff attendance and clock-in/out system.
 Editing of MCU job descriptions.
 Analysis of MCU job satisfaction survey.
 Providing information regarding university program accreditation and institutional accreditation.
 Affairs regarding Assessment and Evaluation Workshops.
 Collection and maintenance of information regarding institutional internal audit.
 Collection and maintenance of personnel data related to AACSB.
 English version personnel certificates and information.

Wang, Ke-Chi
Special Program Senior Clerk

Extension No.2394


Chen, Hsiu-Chuan


 Management of leave application forms.
 Management of insurance affairs for part-time assistants, temporary workers and working students.
 Maintenance of online personal information subordinate system for part-time assistants and working students.
 Contact window for affairs of part-time assistants (including working students) offering information to government institutions. 
 Establishment of personnel profiles in MCU online personnel information system.
 Production of faculty and staff ID cards (including desktop name cards).
 Production of part-time faculty ID cards.
 Management of the roster of directors’ deputies, and management of the roster of faculty and staff representative for University Affairs Committee Meeting.
 Affairs of work permit letters for foreign faculty members.
 Establishment of faculty members’ bilingual database and investigation of staff members’ English abilities.



by Dr. Radut.