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2014.06.18 Revised Civil Servant and Teacher Insurance Act effective on June 1, 2014

The Civil Servant and Teacher Insurance Act was revised by Ministry of Civil Service on 1/29/2014 and is effective on 6/1/2014, based on the orders of Examination Yuan and Executive Yuan. Please refer to the following link for relevant regulations and cash payment Q&A:

1.Relevant regulations: http://www.bot.com.tw/GESSI/Law/pages/law_page1.aspx

2.Cash payment Q&A: http://www.bot.com.tw/GESSI/Issuing_disabled_certificate/Pages/QA02.aspx

Contact person: Mrs. Chen, Hsiu-Chuan, ext.2256
Retirement Pay or Annuity: Mrs. Lee, Shu-Pi, ext.2255


by Dr. Radut.